Thursday, June 9, 2011

So the Phillips-5 are getting ready to leave Alabama.  We have made a lot of friends this year, and we all have mixed emotions about leaving, but we are all looking forward to our Japanese adventure.  Our house has been empty for a couple weeks, and we just received an email today that says our household goods will arrive in Japan on exactly the same day we do...the 4th of July.  How ironic that we arrive at our new assignment on this great nations 235th birthday!  Over the next couple of weeks we will get to spend some time visiting our families and friends.  We will be in Virginia from 17-22 June, then we are privileged to attend a new friend's change of command ceremony before we head to NY to visit Jeff's family.  We will be there for a week, then head back to VA on 29 June.  We fly to Seattle on 1 July and get to spend a day or two exploring the Pacific Northwest before we leave for Japan.  Jeff is scheduled to take command of the 35th Communications Squadron on 12 July...1 day before his 40th birthday.

We will try to keep our blog as up to date as possible, and we hope you enjoy sharing our new experiences with us.

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